Duncan Howard

About the Author:

During my studies in Archaeology and Anthropology at U.C.L. I became addicted to travel in a way people become addicted to chocolate. Having dug in Peru and Africa, I continued to travel after my studies. I have worked as a cowboy in Texas, a naturalist in Nepal, an aid worker during the Bosnian War, a teacher in Brazil. I have traded goods from India, Brazil, Thailand, Guatemala, Bolivia amongst others, travelling to over fifty countries in my never-ending desire to meet new people and experience new cultures. 
I have been working as a ghost writer for the past two years and with some time off between books I have now written my first novel in the series: Flintstaff and Cramp: The Curious Case of the Case. A Steam Punk novel with a modern twist.

Think Blackadder meets Flashman meets Terry Pratchett!

 If you want to read some short stories and other bits and pieces visit my other site: dunxhoward.com