Flintstaff and Cramp: 

The Book of Bái Zé.

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The continuing story of Major Flintstaff and Sergeant Cramp in their battle against the Shadows of the Void.

As the Shadows gather in Switzerland to decide on the fate of humankind, Flintstaff and Cramp are on a desperate mission to discover the mythical Kunlun Mountain. Home of the legendary beast, Bái Zé.

   Meanwhile, Charlie, Shini and Tom are sent into the caves of the Perigord to be initiated into the ancient order of the Solutrean Guard where they will face their innermost fears.

   The Shadows will not rest until the Solutrean Guard are destroyed as Lord Cofgod is sent to steal the Book of Bái Zé, while Duke Lycaon prepares the greatest meeting of the Shadows in history.

   The fate of the Earth will be decided in a climactic battle between good and evil.

Duncan Howard